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Sensenbrenner Hospital Exterior

Leadership at Sensenbrenner Hospital

Senior Management 


France Dallaire

Chief Executive Officer

Phone of Chief Nursing Officer

Lucie Lamontagne

Chief Nursing Officer

Photo of Chief Financial Officer

Chantal Boyer-Brochu

Chief Financial Officier


Jeanette Vaillancourt

Chief Information Officer

Photo of Chief Human Resources Officer

Jessica Allarie

Chief Human Resources Officer

2023-09-28 08_18_00.711-0400.jpg

Dr. Jessica Kwapis

Chief of Staff

Leadership Team

2023-09-18 11_06_20.492-0400.jpg

Allison Issac

Manager, Acute Care

Emergency, Chemo & Special Care Unit, Surgical Suite

2023-09-13 12_04_29_edited.jpg

Denise Paré

Manager, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

2023-09-14 15_20_00_edited.jpg

Marc-André Gravel

Manager, Pharmacy and Quality Assurance

2023-09-14 09_45_07.703-0400.jpg

Stephanie Guindon

Manager, MDRD and Infection Control, Occupational Health Services

2023-10-12 09_49_10.602-0400.jpg

Anne McLaughlin

Manager, Home and Community Care Services, Specialty Clinics, Telemedicine

2023-09-29 11_35_43.075-0400.jpg

Janelle Martin-Edwards

Nursing Coordinator

2023-09-13 11_59_20_edited.jpg

Melanie Scott

Human Resources Coordinator

2023-09-18 11_00_16.372-0400.jpg

Susan Smith

Manager, Respiratory Therapy, ECG, Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging Services

2023-09-13 11_57_30_edited_edited.jpg

Ashley Paulin

Manager, Active Care

2023-09-13 11_01_33_edited.jpg

Julie Culverhouse

Manager, Plant, Maintenance 

2023-09-19 19_23_06.115-0400.jpg

Nicole Hachez

Kapuskasing & District Professional Health Care Recruitment & Retention Coordinator, NOSM Site Administrative Coordinator


Chantale Gagné-Piché

Manager, Food Services and Housekeeping


Kelsey Shannon

Quality and Risk Coordinator, MEDITECH Expanse Clinical Lead

2023-09-15 10_58_21.712-0400.jpg

Sabina Reckzine

Manager, Health Records, Central Admitting, Communications, Privacy Officer

2023-09-18 11_06_20.492-0400.jpg

Christiane Tourigny


2023-09-13 11_56_45_edited.jpg

Lise Kozlovich

Manager, Continuing Care and Hospice Suite

2023-09-13 11_58_26_edited.jpg

Sophie Plamondon

Finance Lead

Board of Directors

Denis Bérubé


Hélène Le Saux Néron

Municipal Representative

2023-09-28 08_18_00.711-0400.jpg

Dr. Jessica Kwapis

Chief of Staff

Gary Fortin


Municipal Representative

Jacques Dorval

Municipal Representative

2023-09-18 17_05_20.654-0400.jpg

Dr. Roderick Cheung

President, Medical Staff

Nathalie Côté-Tremblay


Bob Dagget


Jaimee Washburn


Yves Labelle


Wendy Guillemette

Auxiliary Representative

Dominique Tremblay


Board of Directors Meetings

Application to Membership

Medical Advisory Committee

2023-09-28 08_18_00.711-0400.jpg

Dr. Jessica Kwapis

Chief of Staff


Dr. Crystal Boulianne


2023-09-18 17_05_20.654-0400.jpg

Dr. Roderick Cheung

President of Medical Staff

2023-09-28 08_18_00.711-0400.jpg

Dr. Daniel Boucher

VP of Medical Staff

Medical Staff

Dr. Vanessa Audet

Dr. Chris Meilleur

Dr. Julie Anne Boucher

2023-10-12 09_46_29.461-0400.jpg

Dr. Uitsile Mgwisi

2023-10-12 09_59_25.188-0400.jpg

Dr. Susan Krajewski

Dr. Pierre Plamondon

Dr. Elissa Laflamme


Dr. Michael Power

Dr. Danelle Martin

2023-10-12 09_49_56.460-0400.jpg

Dr. Nicolas Sylvestre

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