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Labour and Delivery

Obstetrical Care

At Sensenbrenner Hospital, we are proud to provide a caring and compassionate environment to our patients. Our Labour and Delivery services are state of the art, with two delivery rooms and interim neonatal services. All staff members are trained in Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) and our facility will soon have state of the art equipment, including a "noodeling bed" thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Sensenbrenner Hospital Foundation. Our two delivering physicians are highly experienced and committed to providing the best care possible.

What to bring with you to the Hospital

When to come to the Hospital

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Sensenbrenner Hospital

101 Progress Crescent

Kapuskasing, Ontario P3N 3H5


Questions or Concerns

Do you have questions or concerns? 

Call 705-337-4017 to speak to one of our  Obstetrical Registered Nurse. Service is available 24/7 .

Mother and Newborn

Sensenbrenner Hospital is a designated Breastfeeding Friendly Place

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